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Christmas Song Pictionary or Charades

Description - Pictionary

Print and cut up the list of Christmas carols, on card if you have it, or fold up and put into a jar to pick from
Divide players into teams.
Each person on the team draws from the pile of cards, then has one minute to illustrate the Christmas carol.
If the team guesses correctly, they get one point.
Go until the first team reaches twenty points.


Team member draws a picture of bells with sound coming from them.
The team starts singing Jingle Bells.

Description – Charades

Play charades as normal but people pick a card from the pile.

Click here for Song Cards

20 Questions – Christmas Edition


One player, the answerer, picks a Christmas themed object but does not reveal this to others in the game. 

All other players ask the answerer questions which can be answered by a simple "Yes" or "No".

If 20 questions are asked by the players without the correct guess ever being found, the answerer has stumped the question-askers and gets another round, this time with a new object. 


For the answerer, stump contestants by picking a hard-to-guess Christmas object. For the questioners, ask questions that accurately narrow down the possibilities so they can guess the object.


Answerer chooses the Christmas Tree. 

Questioners ask "Is it brown?" 

Answerer responds "No." 

Questioners ask "Is it green?" 

Answerer responds "Yes." 

Questioners ask "Is it a Christmas Tree?" 

Answer responds "Yes." 

Questioners have won the game on the third question

Family Feud Christmas


Players are broken up into teams

Each team is asked a holiday-themed question by the Question Master, which includes survey responses to holiday-themed questions. 

Each team gets three guesses which they write on a piece of paper and hand to the judge. The judge then reveals if their guesses were on the list and the resulting points.
If their answer is the number one ranked result, they get 50 points. 

If it's number two, they get 40, and so on.

Players go through the list of questions until they reach the end, where points are tallied. The winning team is the one with the most points. 

The goal of the game is to accumulate more points than the opposing team through superior Christmas knowledge.


Judge asks the question "Name something you hang on a Christmas Tree."
Team 1 answers lights, ornaments, and a star.
Team 2 answers lights, ornaments and an angel.

The top answers were lights, 25% of respondents, ornaments, 23% of respondents, and angel, 10% of respondents.

Team 1 is awarded 90 points for getting the top answers, but missing the third.
Team 2 is awarded 120 points for getting all three answers correct.

Click here for Family Feud Questions & Answers

Ornament on a spoon


Split into teams and then setup a relay course (you can simply set up two chairs, or be more creative and include obstacles). 

You'll then have the first person put an ornament on their spoon, go around the course, then come back to the next person and pass the ornament onto the next persons spoon.

However, you CANNOT use your hands when passing off the ornament, as it must be passed from one spoon to the next. 

If you drop the ornament in the process, that person needs to go around the course again. Once the ornament is successfully passed off, it's the next person's turn.

First team to complete without dropping the ornament is the winner.

All I want for Christmas


Players sit in a circle.
One player starts by saying the phrase, "All I Want for Christmas is..." and names one item.

The player on their left must say, "All (name of first player) wants for Christmas is..." before naming the first player's item, and then repeating the phrase with their own item.

Players take turns around the circle listing the name and gift each previous player wants, and adding their own.

Any player who cannot repeat the list is out.

Printable PDF Version of all of the Christmas Games

Christmas Trivia Quiz

There are 5 questions in each section here are some examples

Round One: Movies

What is the name of the rabbit in the magic hat in Frosty the Snowman?
Why does the Grinch hate Christmas?

Round Two: Christmas Traditions

Which country was the first to use the tradition of a Christmas tree?
What are the names of Santa’s reindeers?

Round Three: Christmas Food

What would you stick in an onion in a traditional bread sauce recipe?
What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkeys neck?

Round Four: Christmas around the world

Is the church of nativity in Nazareth or Bethlehem?
What is ‘Bûche de Noël’, commonly eaten in France at Christmas

Round Five: Picture Round

1- 6 Name the movies in the pictures

Round Six: Christmas music

What colour was Elvis Presley’s Christmas?
In the Carol, “We three kings” which way is the ‘star of wonder, star of light’ leading?

Click here for the full list of Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions

Click here for the Answer sheet

Click here for the Team Answers sheets

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope these games will add some extra fun and not too many arguments! 

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