12/12/2019 9:13:55 AM

Chicken thighs - w/skin & bone


What are the health benefits of Chicken thighs - w/skin & bone?

Chicken thighs have more flavour than breast and are great for your heart, cells, detoxification and antioxidant activity. 

If you want to buy organic but the price is prohibitive then try swapping to thighs. They are packed with flavour and the flesh is not as dry as breast.

Cooking tips

If you are browning your thighs before adding to a dish then always use the juices in the final dish for maximum nutrition. 

Chicken Welfare

Check the welfare of the chicken you buy (see Chicken welfare below, click on the link at the bottom of that page to find out about free range, organic and higher welfare indoors)

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Cooking Method:

Portion size:
250 g

The RDA/RI's below are based on an average adult and the portion size set above

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