CheckYourFood is here to empower you to eat right now, and in the future.

The all-in-one food, calorie and nutrition tracker

Use CheckYourFood to easily measure and manage your diet so you get all the macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, omegas etc.) you need.

Find out whether you’re getting the right nutrients from what you’re eating and use our nutrition tool to simply adjust your diet.

CheckYourFood is packed with fantastic features:

Analyse your meals
and recipes

Enter recipes and meals and see full nutritional information in seconds. View and track calories, health benefits and RDA/RI stats so you can make healthy choices.

Track your diet
and progress

Track the food you eat and their nutritional content. Adapt your diet based on yournutrient intake and start a journey to a healthier you.

Discover new foods
and record your success

Find new food to improve your diet, get regular reports on your progress andcreate custom menu plans tailored to you.

Track nutrients, calories and much more!

  • Find new foods, ingredients and recipes
  • Create a profile for custom recommendations
  • See your nutrient heat map
  • See top foods for nutrients and vitamins
  • Start a daily food diary

Don't just take our word for it...

Find out what your food does for you

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