The health benefits cod

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Still the most popular fish in the UK & great for your thyroid, heart, brain, immune system and skin

Top 5 vitamins and minerals

  1. Iodine - 362µg - which is 262% of your RDA. Iodine is essential for growth, development, reproduction and metabolism and maintains normal thyroid function

  2. Vitamin B12- 4µg - which is 100% of your RDA. Vitamin B12 is essential for the duplication of DNA and decreases the risk of birth defects and protects against heart disease and cancer

  3. Selenium - 46µg - which is 66% of your RDA. Selenium regenerates the activity of vitamins C and E, produces several antioxidants (cleansers) and enhances our immune system

  4. Phosphorus - 338mg - which is 49% of your RDA. Phosphorus is required by every cell in our bodies to work normally, is critical in creating our energy and maintaining the chemical balance of our bodies
  5. Choline - 130mg - which is 33% of your RDA. Choline, for your muscle control, sleep & memory and can prevent liver damage

Based on a 200g portion for an average adult

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