The health benefits of carrots

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Carrots are stuffed with carotenes which are phytochemicals that convert to vitamin A

  • Just one medium carrot, that’s about 75g will give you a huge amount of your vitamin A!
  • Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant (cleansing & repairing our cells) protecting our DNA from distortions that can lead to cancer.
  • It is essential to make our immune systems function normally and is therefore vital in protecting our bodies from infection.
  • And there was a reason we were told to eat them when we were children as vitamin A is very important in the enabling of good sight - development and maintenance
*Phytochemicals are the chemicals that plants use to defend themselves against disease. Research has shown that these same chemicals can prove equally beneficial to the human body

*Eat with some fat to make the vitamin A absorbable 

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