Black Rice | Nutrition Facts [Inforgraphic]

Also known as Forbidden rice and Emperors rice as it was served exclusively to Royalty and has been shown to have a good phytochemical (antioxidant) content.

Manganese - 76% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to protecting your cells from damage and is important for healthy bone, connective tissue and energy creation
Phosphorus - 21% of your RDA/RI
Required by every cell in your body to work normally, contributes to your energy creation and helps maintain the health of your bones and teeth

Magnesium - 17% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to your energy needs, reduces tiredness and fatigue, helps to promote good psychological health and contributes to healthy muscles. bones and teeth

RDA (recommended daily amount) based on an average adult for a small 60g portion boiled and liquid used