Top 5 reasons to eat Red Snapper

Top 5 reasons to eat Red Snapper

Vitamin B12
5.13µg - which is 129% of your RDA/RI
For the health of your blood cells, nervous system, DNA and brain and reduces tiredness and fatigue

68.76µg - which is 99% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to protecting your cells from damaging free radicals, supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function

79.38µg - which is 53% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to your thyroid health, energy needs and the normal growth of children

356.4mg - which is 51% of your RDA/RI
Required by every cell in your body to work normally, contributes to your energy creation and helps maintain the health of your bones and teeth

Vitamin B6
0.684mg - which is 42% of your RDA/RI
For your immune system, brain and blood health, reduces tiredness and fatigue and supports healthy hair

RDA (recommended daily amount) based on a 180g portion baked in foil

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