12/13/2019 1:08:23 AM

Chicken wings - bone in


What are the health benefits of Chicken wings - bone in?

Chicken wings are perhaps the most flavoursome part of the chicken and will look after your bones, arteries, cells and energy creation. 

Cooking tips

Chicken wings are best roasted and smothered in sauce.

If you want to buy organic chicken but the price is prohibitive, then try buying to wings, roast them up and then use the bones to make your chicken stock and use for great organic chicken soups and gravy.

Chicken Welfare

Look out for the welfare of the chicken you buy (see Chicken Welfare below, click on the link at the bottom of that page to find out about free range, organic and higher welfare indoors)

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Cooking Method:

Portion size:
250 g

The RDA/RI's below are based on an average adult and the portion size set above

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