The health benefits of chicken wings

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Elevate the humble chicken wing by promoting them to a weekday supper with a baked potato and some coleslaw or corn on the cob!

Chicken wings are not only incredibly tasty, they are also really good for us with:

  • Niacin which keeps our cells healthy, plays a vital role in our energy production and may play a significant role in the prevention of cancer
  • Phosphorus which is required by every cell in our bodies to work normally, is critical in creating our energy and maintaining the chemical balance of our bodies
  • Vitamin B6 which keeps us happy, keeps oxygen circulating throughout our bodies, maintains our immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Selenium which regenerates the activity of vitamins C and E, produces several antioxidants (cleansers) and enhances our immune system

A great way to eat organic chicken if you are on a budget

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