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Health benefits of Lycopene:
May provide you with protection from prostate and lung cancer

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What is lycopene? 

Lycopene is a carotenoid phytochemical and is best absorbed with fat in the same meal. 

Why does it matter to me? 

Studies have shown that higher intakes of lycopene (mostly found in tomatoes and tomato products) may be associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.  

Studies have shown that people with a higher intake of carotenoids in particular lycopene, suggests a reduction in the risk of lung cancer1.

Test tube studies have shown lycopene to be effective at quenching singlet oxygen (an oxidant formed during photosynthesis), the relevance of this quality for human health is unclear2.

The potency of lycopene from tomatoes is substantially improved by heating tomatoes in oil3.

How much do I need?  

Recommendations by the UK Government the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables daily are aimed, in part, at increasing intakes of lycopene.  

In the absence of an RDA we have created a CYF starting guideline of 2200mcg per day. Members can set their own target amounts.

Am I getting enough? 

Want to check you are getting enough? Use the food diary to track your food and benefit from daily, weekly and monthly reports.
Review date: 2/15/2022
Next review date: 2/15/2023
Lycopene nutritional information

Top 6 ingredients for Lycopene taking into account portion size and cooking retention factors

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Tomato juice nutritional information

Tomato juice

18074µg = 1205% of your RDA/RI
Vegetable juice - V8 style nutritional information

Vegetable juice - V8 style

14238µg = 949% of your RDA/RI
Watermelon nutritional information


6668.2µg = 445% of your RDA/RI
Baked beans nutritional information

Baked beans

5452µg = 363% of your RDA/RI
Baked beans - reduced salt and sugar nutritional information

Baked beans - reduced salt and sugar

5452µg = 363% of your RDA/RI
Baked beans - no added sugar nutritional information

Baked beans - no added sugar

5452µg = 363% of your RDA/RI