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Health benefits of Myricetin:
May protect our cells from damage & may offer protection from cancer and diabetes

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What is myricetin?

Myricetin is a phytochemical. These are the chemicals that plants use to defend themselves against disease. Research has shown that these same chemicals can prove equally beneficial to the human body.

Why does it matter to me?

From in vitro (test tube) and animal studies myricetin has been shown to be cell protector, an antioxidant and an anti-carcinogen.

Myricetin may be effective against leukemia1.

Myricetin may inhibit the development of prostate cancer2.

Myricetin may offer protection against diabetes3.

How much should I have?

In the absence of an RDA (recommended daily amount) we have created a CYF starting guideline based on a portion of a high ingredient for myricetin, as the general advice is that diets high in flavonoids like myricetin has many health benefits. Members can set their own target amounts.

Am I getting enough?

Want to check you are getting enough? Use the food diary to track your food and benefit from daily, weekly and monthly reports. 

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Myricetin nutritional information

Top 6 ingredients for Myricetin taking into account portion size and cooking retention factors

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Cranberry juice - undiluted nutritional information

Cranberry juice - undiluted

2.21mg = 147% of your RDA/RI
Fennel leaves nutritional information

Fennel leaves

2mg = 133% of your RDA/RI
Swede - rutabaga nutritional information

Swede - rutabaga

1.92mg = 128% of your RDA/RI
Tea decaffeinated  nutritional information

Tea decaffeinated

1.78mg = 119% of your RDA/RI
Sweet potato leaves nutritional information

Sweet potato leaves

1.75mg = 117% of your RDA/RI
Sorrel/dock nutritional information


1.43mg = 95% of your RDA/RI