Low Calorie, Low Carb & Low Fat!

Wanting to have it all, I’ve gone for low calorie, low carb and low fat!

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Low Calorie, Low Carb & Low Fat!

The summer holidays are nearly here!

As you all know here at CheckYourFood we don’t really do diets, we just try to make sure we're getting our RDA’s (recommended daily amounts) for all of our nutrients, but every so often, especially before holiday season I feel the need to rein it in a bit!  

With that in mind, I thought I’d check out some recipes to get me on track and wanting to have it all, I’ve gone for low calorie, low carb and low fat!

So how do I define that? Well, first of all it’s by a percentage of your RDA (that’s your recommended daily allowance of nutrients) and because this blog is for everyone the RDA is for an average person based on 2000 calories a day.

LOW CALORIE - up to 15% of RDA
LOW CARB - up to 25% of RDA
LOW FAT - up to 15% of RDA

So here are my choices for some recipes – Click on any of the recipes to check out the amount of cals, carbs and fats plus the full nutrition.


Apple and a cappuccino - 9% cal 22% carb 6% fat
Apples are a great way to start the day and are good for phytochemicals which protect against cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, allergies and more.

Honey, nut and raisin flapjacks 10% cal 18% carb 15% fat
Cut out the sugar with these delicious flapjacks made with honey, they are really gooey and moorish!


Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham - 6% cal 2% carb 9% fat –
Another favourite especially with boiled or poached eggs!

Prawn dim sum - 10% cal 18% carb 15% fat –
A fab light nibble that protects your heart, muscles, immune system, DNA and energy creation.


Chicken and red pepper curry - 16% cal 14% carb 14% fat –
This great curry protects you from cancer, protects your DNA and immune system.

with Cauliflower rice - 2% cal 3% carb 0.43% fat
If you’re going low carb then cauliflower rice is a great substitute for rice. Try adding a little curry powder or paste before cooking to add extra flavour.

Maple syrup and mustard tofu kebabs - 13% cal 20% carb 15% fat
These veggie kebabs will detox your brain and liver look after your bones and boost your immune system.

with Mediterranean roasted vegetables - 9% cal 15% carb 13% fat
I love roasted veg and not a potato in sight!


Baked Chocolate Banana - 9% cal 24% carb 8% fat
A yummy dessert that will provide some protection for your heart, bones and immune system.

Banana and blueberry muffin - 12% cal 22% carb 11% fat
Who’d have thought a muffin would make in on here?


Guacamole - 6% cal 2% carb 16% fat
Serve with some carrot and celery sticks.

Spicy Siracha cauliflower 6% cal 8% carb 12% fat
These are so tasty, you must try them!

Wow, it was great to find meals that were low calorie, low carb and low fat and didn’t involve heaps of salad!

That’s one of the fabulous things about CheckYourFood, you can look up any recipe and filter by any of those options, as well as loads more; high protein, vegetarian, vegan, filter out meals by allergens the choice is amazing.

Do I have to be a CheckYourFood member?

NO! You don’t even have to be a member to check out these amazing features, simply go to the site click on the food tab, choose a meal type; lunch, dinner etc. and when you get to the page simply choose from any of the options on the left. It’s dead simple.

Analyse your own recipes

But, the great thing about being a member is that you can analyse your own recipes in a few simple steps. Then you can adjust them to fit whatever diet you may be on and see ALL of the nutrition in it including calories, fat and carbs.

If you’re not on any sort of diet then you can find out how good your meal is and adjust it to make it even better if you want to!

And the best thing? You can try use it for free, just click here.


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