CheckYourFood Battles: Potato Vs. Banana

Who will win this battle?

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Potato Vs. Banana

One of these is seen as a carb loaded comfort food and the other as a healthy snack. We’re pitting Potato Vs Banana as they both pack a good health punch. Let’s see which will win.

As always we’re comparing realistic portions sizes against your RDA* to give you an honest verdict. So that’s 225 grams of cooked potato vs one 95 gram raw banana.

*RDA = Recommended Daily Amount

Round 1: Macronutrients


  • Potato:  39 grams / 30% of your RDA
  • Banana: 19 grams / 14% RDA

So Banana wins right because we don’t want carbs? Well no. Remember carbohydrates provide a vital source of energy for your brain, nervous system and muscles. Eating carbohydrate saves protein (which is needed as the building blocks of tissues, cells and organs) from being broken down to make glucose for energy.


  • Potato:  166 kcals / 7.93% of your RDA
  • Banana:  76 kcals / 3.66% RDA

Calories are units of energy that measure how much energy food provides to the body.


  • Potato:  4 grams / 7% of your RDA
  • Banana: 2 grams / 2% RDA

Protein is a vital macronutrient required as a component of all the cells and organs in your body, it also controls the rate at which the myriad of chemical conversions in your cells take place.

Total Sugars

  • Potato:  1.8 grams / 3.6% of your RDA
  • Banana: 17 grams / 34% RDA

Remember these sugars as naturally occurring and not ‘added sugar’ which your body can struggle to process. Natural sugar is used as a vital source of energy for our brains, nervous system and muscles, sugar is an intrinsic part of every DNA molecule in our body, is vital to fertility, contributes to our cells recognition of hormones (which control most bodily functions), and forms the lubricating part of mucus.

Verdict: So it looks like Potato takes the 1st round by providing a great amount of energy for you.


Round 2: Vitamins

Biotin (B7)

  • Potato:  0.68 micrograms / 2.25% of your RDA
  • Banana: 2.38 micrograms / 7.92% RDA

Biotin is good for the health your cells and DNA, regulates inflammation and protects the development of babies.

Folate (B9)

  • Potato:  40 micrograms / 10% of your RDA
  • Banana: 13 micrograms / 3% RDA

Folate is essential for your DNA creation and repair, prevents birth defects, is essential for your brain, lowers your risk of heart disease and may reduce the risk of some cancers.

 Pantothenic Acid (B5)

  • Potato:  0.97 milligrams / 19% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.33 milligrams / 6% RDA

Enables your liver to cope with toxins, is vital for generating energy and keeps your cells healthy

Thiamin (B1)

  • Potato:  0.47 milligrams / 39% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.14 milligrams / 11% RDA

Contributes to the creation of your DNA, is essential for the creation of energy & is closely linked to the activity of other B vitamins.

Vitamin B6

  • Potato:  0.14 milligrams / 10% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.29 milligrams / 22% RDA

For your immune system, contributes to oxygen circulation and to keep you feeling happy.

Vitamin C

  • Potato:  20 milligrams / 22% of your RDA
  • Banana: 8 milligrams / 9% RDA

Is a very powerful antioxidant (cleansing and repairing), boosts your immune system & protects your cells.

Verdict: Potato takes round 2 as well packing a strong vitamin punch.


Round 3: Minerals


  • Potato:  0 micrograms / 0% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.1 micrograms / 10% RDA

For your antioxidant activity (cleansing/repairing), cellular energy and immune system.


  • Potato:  0.68 milligrams / 8% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.29 milligrams / 3% RDA

Iron transports oxygen from your lungs to your body and is vital for your growth, mental skills, healing and your immune system.


  • Potato:  40 milligrams / 9% of your RDA
  • Banana: 25 milligrams / 6% RDA

Is essential for the creation of your DNA, turns fats and carbs into cellular energy & plays a role in the creation of antioxidants (cleansers/repairers)


  • Potato:  0.23 milligrams / 9% of your RDA
  • Banana: 0.34 milligrams / 14% RDA

Plays a role in your liver health and is important for healthy bone, sinew and energy creation.


  • Potato:  69 milligrams / 9% of your RDA
  • Banana: 21 milligrams / 3% RDA

Required by every cell in your body to work normally, is critical in creating your energy and maintaining the chemical balance of your body. 


  • Potato:  821 milligrams / 17% of your RDA
  • Banana: 313 milligrams / 6% RDA

Critical for your muscles, heart function and the transport of nutrients in and out of your cells.

Verdict: And with Banana on the ropes Potato takes round 3.


The Winner: Potato

Well, I think we can see that Potato is the clear winner, portion for portion, packing more macronutrients, vitamins and minerals than a Banana.

In light of our diets being swamped with low nutrition refined carbs, the potato is a great example of a nutrient dense carbohydrate, so a source of the energy (complex sugars), we need along with the micronutrients needed to metabolise this source of energy properly!

Interestingly, Potato beat Banana in potassium, having nearly 3 times as much. So the next time that ‘know-it-all friend’ tells you to eat a Banana to get Potassium, throw a Potato at them, they’ll thank you for it. (note: we do not condone violence of any kind, even against know-it-all friends)

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