CheckYourFood Battles: Carrot vs Chard

Who will win this battle?

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Carrot vs Chard

One is a classic vegetable found in Sunday roasts and salads alike. The other is a leafy green that doesn’t get as much attention as Kale or Spinach. So, which is more nutritious? 

As always we’re comparing realistic portions sizes against the RDA* of an average adult to give you an honest verdict. That’s 50 grams of steamed of both Carrot and Chard.
*RDA = Recommended Daily Amount

Round One: Vitamins

Folate (B9)

Carrot: 3.2µg / 0.80% of your RDA
Chard: 70.13µg / 17% of your RDA
Folate (B9) contributes to mental health, cardiovascular and immune system health, cell division, DNA creation and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Thiamin (B1)

Carrot: 0.06mg / 5% of your RDA
Chard: 0.02mg / 1% of your RDA
Thiamin (B1) contributes to your heart function, energy creation and the maintenance of your mental and emotional state

Vitamin A

Carrot: 441µg / 55% of your RDA
Chard: 180.5µg / 22% of your RDA
Vitamin A contributes to your vision, immune system, absorption of iron (for energy creation) and has a role in cell 'specialisation'

Vitamin C

Carrot: 0.75mg / 0.71% of your RDA
Chard: 12.75mg / 12% of your RDA
Vitamin C contributes to protecting your cells and mental health, supports your immune system, contributes to your skin, blood vessels, bones and organs and reduces tiredness and fatigue

Vitamin E

Carrot: 0.04mg / 0.27% of your RDA
Chard: 0.9mg / 5% of your RDA
Vitamin E contributes to the protection of your cells from the damaging effects of ‘free radicals’

Vitamin K

Carrot: 2.48µg / 2% of your RDA
Chard: 394.25µg / 375% of your RDA
Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and plays a key role in your bone health

Verdict: Chard takes Round One, 4 vitamins to 2

Round Two: Minerals


Carrot: 0.02mg / 1% of your RDA
Chard: 0.09mg / 6% of your RDA
Copper protects your cells from damaging free radicals and contributes to your energy creation, immune system and nervous system


Carrot: 0.12mg / 0.88% of your RDA
Chard: 0.9mg / 6% of your RDA
Iron contributes to your immune system, cell division, red blood cell formation, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and your ability to process information


Carrot: 3.5mg / 0.96% of your RDA
Chard: 40.5mg / 11% of your RDA
Magnesium contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue, healthy cell division, muscles, bones, teeth, nervous system and mental health


Carrot: 0.04mg / 1% of your RDA
Chard: 0.18mg / 6% of your RDA
Manganese contributes to protecting your cells from damage and is important for healthy bone, connective tissue and energy creation

Verdict: And Chard takes Round Two 4 minerals to 0!

Round Three: Phytochemicals

Lutein and zeaxanthin

Carrot: 115.2µg / 5% of your CheckYourFood recommendation  
Chard: 5225µg / 261% of your CheckYourFood recommendation 
Lutein and zeaxanthin may protect our eyes from damage and degeneration and contribute to our ability to use skills and memory into old age


Carrot: 0.02mg / 1% of your CheckYourFood recommendation  
Chard: 0.64mg / 42% of your CheckYourFood recommendation 
Myricetin may protect our cells from damage & may offer protection from cancer and diabetes


Carrot: 0.07mg / 0.74% of your CheckYourFood recommendation  
Chard: 2.18mg / 21% of your CheckYourFood recommendation 
Quercetin may provide protection against cardiovascular disease, improve mental health, protect our liver and kidneys and help with allergies such as asthma and hay fever

Verdict: And Chard takes Round Two 3 phytochemicals to 0!

The Winner: Chard!

In this battle Chard destroys Carrot by 11 nutrients to 2. 

Chard is great for your sight, brain, DNA, blood and skin health and more! Find out more about Chard here.

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