The health benefits of peanut butter

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1) 128% of your RDA(recommended daily amount) for biotin (B7) for the health your cells and DNA, regulates inflammation and protects the development of babies
2) 46% of your RDA for niacin (B3) which keeps your cells talking to each other, is vital for your energy production and may protect you from cancer
3) 30%% of your RDA for manganese which plays a role in detoxing your liver and is important for healthy bone, sinew and energy creation
4) 23% of your RDA for phosphorus which is required by every cell in your bodies to work normally and is critical in creating your energy and maintaining the chemical balance of your body
5) 22% of your RDA for magnesium which is essential for the creation of your DNA, turns fats and carbs into cellular energy & plays a role in the creation of antioxidants (cleansers/repairers)

RDA based on an average adult for a 50g portion of crunchy peanut butter

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