11/22/2019 10:50:47 AM

Mussels in shell


What are the health benefits of Mussels in shell?

Ever popular shellfish that yield great amounts of selenium, iron, iodine, omega 3 EPA/DHA, iron and a huge amount of vitamin B12.

Mussels grow wild all around the coast, so if you are at the seaside and the tide is out, and you see rocks, chances are there will be some mussels on them

The majority of the mussels in the UK are sustainably farmed and are a really affordable seafood.

Cooking tips

The most popular dish for mussels is moules marinere, but they can be cooked with a huge variety of saucers, put into paella’s, pasta dishes and more.

If you are at the seaside try popping them on a BBQ for a delicious smoky flavour.

Cooking method

Cooking Method:

Portion size:
250 g

The RDA/RI's below are based on an average adult and the portion size set above

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