12/5/2019 11:06:12 PM

Lentils green and brown

What are the health benefits of Lentils green and brown?

Great for the health of your bowels, cells and immune system

Lentils originate from Asia and the Near East. They are one of the oldest crops around, being associated with the early civilisations from 11,000 BC!

Did you know that Hippocrates is credited with prescribing lentil soup for liver complaint?

Puy lentils are also a type of green/brown lentil but are a bit firmer. and originate from Puy in France.

Cooking tips

They can be used in lots of dishes such as soups, casseroles, vegetable bakes, burgers and stuffed vegetables. 

Cooking method

Cooking Method:

Portion size:
40 g

The RDA/RI's below are based on an average adult and the portion size set above

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