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Grouse - whole

What are the health benefits of Grouse - whole?

A seasonal favourite that delivers protection for your blood, cells, heart and immune system.

Grouse is a small game bird, about the size of a small chicken. They fly at 70 miles an hour!

The younger ones at the beginning of the season in August have a milder flavour while the ones near the end of the season in December have a more robust gamey flavour.

Cooking tips

Young grouse can be roasted or barbequed whilst the older birds need hanging to improve the flavour and make the meat more tender. 

Try adding older grouse to casseroles or pate with other poultry to enhance the flavour.

They can be a bit dry so you may want to add some fat before cooking.

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Cooking method

Cooking Method:

Portion size:
400 g

The RDA/RI's below are based on an average adult and the portion size set above

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