What you need to know about eggs

Eggs, the low calorie powerhouse of nutrients!

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"Go to work on an egg"

Do you remember this slogan? Probably not, it was a long time ago, however this was once a well-known advertising slogan from the 1950's, but was banned in 2007 from being re-broadcast because it did not suggest a varied diet!

Now, a varied diet is always recommended by health professionals to promote the maximum health benefits of your food, but were they wrong to ban this advert for the humble egg?

Well, when you see its health benefits you’ll see it’s not so humble, in fact it’s a real powerhouse of nutrients.

So what are the top 10 reasons to eat eggs?

1)    NUTRIENTS: 1 small egg has 14 vitamins, 11 minerals, all 9 essential amino acids, omega 6 and 3 and a phytochemical called lutein. We’ll talk about the main ones below…..

2)    LOW CALORIE: There are only only 72 calories in a medium egg!

3)    PROTIEN: 1 small egg will give you 14% of your protein intake for a whole day.

4)    HEALTHY CELLS: Eggs are particularly high in vitamin B12 and biotin (B7), 2 vitamins that are vital for DNA regulation, this is incredibly important for the constant process of cellular regeneration that is going on your body all the time.

These two vitamins ensure that each cell that you produce is pristine, healthy and fit for purpose, and given that we are made of cells this is right up there in terms of us continuing to be alive and healthy.

5)    NOT BAD FOR YOUR HEART!: An egg a day is not tied to risk of heart disease!

The controversy about whether eggs are good or bad for your heart health may be solved, and about one a day is fine.
A team of researchers from the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences found the answer by analysing data from three large, long-term multinational studies.
The results suggest there is no harm from consuming eggs. Research

Eggs, pretty amazing so far, however there is more….

6)    CHOLINE: Eggs are also high in a newly classified vitamin called choline, choline has been shown to help with muscle control, sleep, memory and stops liver damage from fats and cholesterol.

7)    ANTIOXIDANT: Eggs are good for selenium which is a mineral that contributes hugely to the antioxidant or cleansing activity your body so desperately needs to keep you healthy amongst all the toxins you experience on a daily basis.

And there is more…

8)    HEALTHY SIGHT: Eggs also contain lutein a phytochemical that contributes to healthy sight and protects you from cognitive decline…

9)   THYROID HEALTH: Eggs are good for iodine, a trace mineral that is essential for growth, development, reproduction and metabolism and maintains normal thyroid function. The thyroid by the way pretty much regulates everything including your heart, brain, muscles, digestion, and bones.

10)    VARIETY: They can be eaten in so many ways; fried, boiled, poached, baked, scrambled, in an omelette and not forgetting their use in so many baking recipes and more…

The Yolk’s on you if…

Don’t be taken in by the egg white omelette brigade as all this goodness resides in the good old yolk along with all the flavour…

I could go on and on but suffice it to say, if this is what’s in an egg, I’m definitely going to work on one, going to the pub on one, going on holiday on one, going shopping on one, going to sleep on one, going to weddings on one….. alright maybe not weddings

World Egg Day

It’s not just us, at the 1996 IEC (International Egg Commission) conference in Vienna, World Egg Day was established to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world!

So don’t have egg on your face, find out more about their fantastic health benefits here 

And if you want to see how eggs contribute to your overall nutrient intake then start keeping a food diary now with our Free for Life account It couldn’t be easier. 

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Director - Nutrient expert, researcher & data miner

I am responsible for the scientific research and data oversight at the CheckYourFood Group. A great journey of discovery for me as I uncover the myriad of goodness that natural food contains and facilitate others to promote health and wellbeing.

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