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CheckYourFood for Teaching Food Technology

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As a teacher do you find it frustrating trying to find accurate information on nutrition? Are the recipe analysers way too complicated and not user friendly? Do you need a quick way to demonstrate how the different cooking methods affect an ingredients nutrition?

Well look no further..

As an ex DT teacher I would have loved a tool like this when I was planning my food lessons. With the emphasis now on nutrition, it is an invaluable resource. 

Planning lessons and recipes that involve nutritional data can now be stress free with all of the information you need at your fingertips. 

With over 1500 ingredients available with their full nutritional content and allergens displayed in a really accessible format, even year 7’s won’t have a problem using it.

RDA’s (recommended daily allowances), the effects of cooking and portion sizes are all taken into account so pupils can get an accurate view on the nutrition in food.

They can also change portion sizes and cooking types to see how it affects the nutrition, perfect for modifying recipes.

Check out an ingredient here – Try changing the portion size and cooking type

Not only that, it also has all of the macronutrients & micronutrients listed with a basic summary and the foods highest in them by portion size.

Check out a nutrient here

All of the above are FREE to use!

All of the information is scientifically backed, so you know you’re getting accurate data.
As a teacher can be used in the food technology department to comply with the Core Food Competences for children aged 5-16 years, it can be used to answer the sections on Diet, Food Choice, Food Labelling and Cooking.

In Diet

  • By age 14 … Pupils should be able to use current healthy eating advice to choose a varied balanced diet for their needs and those of others. 
  • … know that food and drinks provide energy and nutrients in different amounts; that they have important functions in the body; and that people require different amounts during their life, e.g. infant feeding, teenage years. 
  • By age 16 … be able to apply current healthy eating recommendations, and understanding of people’s needs, to their own diet and those of others, e.g. before and during pregnancy, breastfeeding. 

In Food Choice

  • By age 14… know that it is important to be aware of portion size when choosing food and drinks. 
  • And by age 16 … make informed choices about food and drink in order to achieve a healthy, varied and balanced diet

In Food Labeling

  • By age 14…… use nutrition and allergy information on food labels to help make informed food and drink choices.
  • And by age 16 .. …be able to make informed choices based on food labels, ingredients lists, nutrition information and health claims.

In Cooking (Food Preparation and Handling Skills)

  • By age 14……… modify recipes and cook predominantly savoury dishes that are based on current healthy eating messages.
  • And by 16 … apply skills and understanding competently to plan, prepare and safely cook dishes and menus for a healthy, varied and balanced diet. 
  • Be able to change recipes and dishes to make them healthier and more appealing by altering ingredients, and/or by using different cooking methods,

What is CheckYourFood?

CheckYourFood is a one stop resource that can be used to answer all of these competences.

The premium account also allows you to:

  • CheckYourFood Premium also has a built in recipe analyser that allows you to see immediately how good your recipe is and be able to alter it easily. 

  • It has a meal planning section and displays RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) for all recipes and ingredients based on the age range chosen. This can be easily altered to compare nutrition for the different age ranges.

  • In a wider school application, now that college based PGCE’s have mostly been combined with NQT’s in S.C.I.T.T. (School centred initial teacher training) or School direct routes, checkyourfood is an ideal resource for trainee teachers working in schools. integrates science, composition data, RDAs (recommended daily allowances), the effects of cooking and portion sizes, in a word EVERYTHING you need to make your lessons stand out from the crowd!

How can you try it?

We offer a free 30 day free trial so you can check out all of these great tools for yourself at no cost! No credit card details are taken, it’s totally risk free! Just click below to get started.

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