The health benefits of beef topside

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Top 5 reasons to eat beef topside

A portion roasted with drippings will give you:

Vitamin B12 - 85% of your RDA/RI 

For healthy duplication of our DNA, decreases the risk of birth defects and protects against heart disease and cancer

Zinc - 66% of your RDA/RI 
For growth and development, brain function, reproduction, skin health and our immune systems

Niacin B3 - 63% of your RDA/RI 
Keeps your cells talking to each other, is vital for your energy production and may protect you from cancer

Phosphorus - 62% of your RDA/RI 
Required by every cell in your body to work normally, is critical in creating your energy and maintaining the chemical balance of your body

Choline - 40% of your RDA/RI 
For your muscle control, sleep & memory and can prevent liver damage

RDA - Recommended daily amount

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