The health benefits of pumpkins

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Lutein and zeaxanthin
129% of your CYF recommendationMay protect our eyes from damage and degeneration and contribute to our ability to use skills and memory into old age

Vitamin A

92% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to your vision, immune system, absorption of iron (for energy creation) and has a role in cell 'specialisation'

Thiamin (B1)

23% of your RDA/RI
Contributes to your heart function, energy creation and the maintenance your mental and emotional state

Vitamin C
20% of your RDA/RI
Protects your cells, supports your immune system, contributes to your skin, blood vessels, bones and organs and reduces tiredness and fatigue

RDA (recommended daily amount) based on 180g roasted/baked for an average person

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