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Health benefits of Histamine:
Histamine is released by our cells as a vital part of our immune response and is essential for a number of body systems to work, but its presence in high amounts in food can cause adverse reactions in people who don't process it effectively

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What is histamine intolerance?

In healthy people dietary histamine can be dealt with effectively, however in some people the histamine from food builds up and causes symptoms that are similar to an allergic reaction1.

The activity of an enzyme called Diamine oxidase (DAO) deals with histamine taken in from our food, and it is thought that people with a low activity of DAO get symptoms similar to an allergic reaction1.
For people with an intolerance eating histamine-rich food or foods that promote the release of histamine, or block DAO may provoke allergic reactions resulting in diarrhea, chronic migraine, menstrual pain, runny nose and sneezing, asthma, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, rashes and itching1.

What can I do if I have a histamine intolerance

Symptoms of intolerance can be effectively reduced by eliminating high histamine foods from your diet1. See some of the foods highest in histamine below.

Foods such as shellfish and fish increase their histamine levels as they remain ungutted and uncooked as bacteria convert the essential amino acid histidine to histamine, so eat these as fresh as possible.2.

If you are on medication, check to see if they maybe interfering with your histamine management systems, medications such as antibiotics and antidepressants are known to interfere3.

Ensure that you have good intakes of zinc, copper, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folate and magnesium, as these all contribute to the management of histamine in the body3.

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The histamine data for ingredients has been provided by - Food data ( frida.fooddata.dk ), version 4, 2019, Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
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Histamine nutritional information

Top 6 ingredients for Histamine taking into account portion size and cooking retention factors

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Smoked ham nutritional information

Smoked ham

10.99mg = No RDA/RI available
Aubergine - eggplant nutritional information

Aubergine - eggplant

5.1mg = No RDA/RI available
Spinach frozen nutritional information

Spinach frozen

4.8mg = No RDA/RI available
Pork avg lean cuts nutritional information

Pork avg lean cuts

2.48mg = No RDA/RI available
Mackerel fillet - smoked nutritional information

Mackerel fillet - smoked

2.16mg = No RDA/RI available
Blue cheese nutritional information

Blue cheese

2.08mg = No RDA/RI available