Are your body and mind public ready?

What can you do to prepare yourself to meet the great British public once more?

Are your body and mind public ready? blog image


From the end of June the UK as we know it, is going back to something like normal.


Are your body and mind public ready?

After months of being locked away on and off, living in your baggiest clothes, drinking and eating to get just through the day, months of being sat on your butt on zoom calls or watching whatever the tv throws at you.
I ask again “Are your body and mind public ready???”

OK, so what do I mean?

Well, getting yourself back in shape doesn’t just involve dieting and getting fit. You can stop stuffing your face, and pouring booze down your neck straight from the bottle at home and add in a few burpees, but will you be able go back to pubs and restaurants?
And we’ve all read about the terrible toll the lockdown has had on mental health.

So, what can you do to prepare yourself to meet the great British public once more?

Easy, use CheckYourFood for its nutritional content - you’ve got a couple of months so don’t waste them.

Food is not just a source of energy, it sustains your body and mind through the amazing array of nutrients it contains. So we’re talking vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals (it’s what all those super foods have) amino acids etc.

So, how do you find out more about what you’re eating?

It’s simple. Use CheckYourFood's easy food diary, analyse your own recipes and you can get yourself back into fighting shape.

If you need a bit more reading I’ve put together a little list of great blogs to get you going:

Just click on the name of the blog to check them out 😊

Get your brain back in tip top condition you’re going to have to talk to people face to face!

With so much food out there and so little time to get back in shape, we’ve put together our ultimate ‘superfood’ list for you 

The real top 10 superfoods 

Here we see how a healthy gut leads to a healthy mind.

Look after your gut and it will look after you

CheckYourFood user, Iain Jackson, tells us how CheckYourFood has transformed his life

Don’t just change your life transform it!

And a little food for thought

Are you feeding your health pension 

I hope the whole blog has given you some food for thought and wish you the best body and mind nutrition can offer you.


Surya Wright

Surya Wright

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