Don’t Just Change Your Life Transform It!

I think health brings happiness and that’s what CheckYourFood does in a nut shell.

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Don’t Just Change Your Life Transform It!

We’ve talked in the past about how much CheckYourFood has helped us feel and be healthier but we thought you’d like to hear how it’s transformed the health of one of our users, personal trainer and boxer Iain Jackson.

Iain lives and works in Brighton and has been using CheckYourFood for the past year.

CYF: How has using CheckYourFood affected your life?

Iain: CheckYourFood didn’t affect my life, it transformed it!

As a health professional I have always been interested in nutrition and having optimal health. In my early 20’s I had lots of stomach problems and I started to research food. I thought I had found all there was to know until I started using CheckYourFood. Out of everyone I know I thought I had the best diet, but I was still not getting my full RDA for loads of nutrients.

Over the last year I’ve used CheckYourFood to find out what foods to eat to get the nutrients I was missing and have been hitting all my RDA’s, this has been the best I’ve ever felt! I have loads of energy, sleep brilliantly and never get ill, I concentrate more, I’m better at my job, and I’m leaner and fitter. Like I said it hasn’t changed my life it’s transformed it. Investing in your health is the one thing everyone should do.

CYF: As a personal trainer how has CheckYourFood changed how you work?

Iain: Seeing how much energy my clients have in our training sessions now is amazing! I pass the information that I learn on CheckYourFood to my clients and encourage them to actively use it. And we all end up discussing things we’ve found on CheckYourFood in the gym.
The site has so much information on it you just wanna share. When you feel this good you want other people to feel as good too. This is the easiest way to feel good, all you have to do is eat then track. 100% of RDA’s = feeling absolutely amazing.

CYF: What would you say to anyone thinking of using CheckYourFood?

Iain: Do it, do it, do it, just freaking do it! I feel like with the knowledge on food and the knowledge on training I have a super power that anyone can have. The one thing you want all the people you care about is to be healthy and happy.

I think health brings happiness and that’s what CheckYourFood does in a nut shell. If you look both ways before crossing the road, put on a seat belt in a car or anything thing else regularly to protect your health, you should use CheckYourFood.

CYF: Wow, thank you Iain. It’s great to know that CheckYourFood has been and continues to be such a useful tool for you.

Iain is just one of the many CheckYourFooders who are feeling the benefit of tacking their food and transforming their lives. Make sure you’re one too, with our free for life account, just click below.

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