The one size fits all diet!

There are so many diets out there, how can you possibly know which one is best for you. If any?

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How many diets have you tried?

We’ve all tried some sort of diet before I’m pretty sure. 

How can you avoid it? There are stories and images everywhere of people who’ve lost loads of weight and we think why can’t that be me? 

I’ve tried the hay diet, a couple of detox diets, tried to do Atkins without really reading about it properly. A lot of us do that, you go, “ooh that looks good but I’m not buying the book” so you just glean as much info as possible and dive in. 

There are so many diets out there, how can you possibly know which one is best for you. If any?

Take one look at Wikipedia’s list of diets and you’ll be just as confused as I was. 

5 Vegetarian diets

4 Semi Vegetarian diets _ did you know these even existed? OK, most of us have heard of pescetarin diets but my favourite The Kangatarian : A diet originating from Australia. In addition to foods permissible in a vegetarian diet, kangaroo meat is also consumed.

Then we have 

Weight control diets
Crash diets – aren’t those weight loss?
Detox diets
Belief based diets
Diets for medical reasons
Fad diets - 60 of these!
And then lastly
Other diets – 35 more diets here!

Where do you start?

With all of these diets, where do you start? Well, we think the best place to start is by having a healthy diet. Weird I didn’t see this on the list of diets!

But what’s a healthy diet? Eating 5 day? Being a vegetarian? Oh no, here we go again….

What about just knowing how many nutrients you need a day? Wouldn’t that be a good place to start? If we know we are getting the right amount of nutrition this will naturally lead to better health. 

Luckily for us the government has made guidelines about how much we need, they go by different names 

RDA’s = recommended dietary allowance – taken from the DRI = dietary reference intake

EU NRV’s - averaged RDA’s developed for food producers to express what % of a DRV 100 grams of their product meets

NRV’s are now expressed typically as RI’s - Recommended daily intake

If you know how many nutrients you need a day you can start to eat healthier. 

Now, it‘s often argued that there is no one size fits all diet due to blood type differences or you suffer from an intolerance or worse an allergy or gene mutation even. 

They’re all considerations when looking at your overall diet. And that’s where nutrition fit’s in so perfectly, because there are a variety of foods you can eat to get the nutrition you need. So if you can’t eat bread, then just check out where else you can get your thiamin & manganese from, brown rice for starters. 

So whether you have an intolerance, allergy or gene mutation that disables you from utilising the goodness in certain foods, just look elsewhere for the same goodness in ingredients that you can eat. 

How do you do that?

Using you can not only look up the nutrient content of ingredients and meals, you can personalise it to you, so the results you get back are for you and not just any old average person. 

You can keep a food diary to track what you eat and see what nutrients you’re missing out on, and then just adjust your diet to start adding those nutrients in. Did you know that people who keep a food diary are more likely to meet their health goals? It’s scientifically* proven!

People who think they’re eating healthily are usually shocked to find they are regularly missing or low on some vital vitamins and minerals!

The one size fits all diet

So, the one size fit’s all diet is really a diet you personalise to yourself, what’s one size about it is that you or I or my husband or brother, we are all aiming for the same thing and that’s getting our RDA’s, but we have a huge choice of foods to choose from to do that and all be as healthy as we can! 

Start keeping your food diary by clicking here and starting for free so you can be one of the healthy diet followers and not one of the fad diet followers!

* Sources:
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
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