How do you smash your health goals? The proven way!

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How do you smash your health goals? The proven way! blog image


I just need to check my diary, my food diary that is…

One of the things I love about this job is meeting all sorts of people who are making positive changes in their lives. 

From the people who have reached their weight targets, to people who have enhanced their training, to people who are just enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet. The spectrum of needs are wide but the results are always great to see.

But it’s not always easy

The one question I always get asked is how do I keep on track? How do I keep focused on my goal? We’ve all been there. It’s usually mid-January when that new year’s resolution we started with such gusto gets shelved as we resort back to our old habits. Well, thankfully there is something you can do that can help you stay on track.

It’s scientifically proven

Studies* have shown that people who keep a food diary are much more likely to meet their health goals. There’s something about being aware of what you eat each day that keeps you focused on your goal. It’s a simple but powerful idea. 

You can use an ordinary pen and paper to keep a food diary but it will only tell you what meals you ate, another option is to use an online Food Diary like the one CheckYourFood offers.

Only 3 minutes a day

It’s quick and easy to enter the food you ate into the CheckYourFood Food Diary, it only takes around 3 minutes a day. We know, we’ve timed ourselves! 

The Food Diary will not only show you what you’ve eaten but more importantly it will show you the calories, carbs and protein you got. AND unlike other online food diaries, the CheckYourFood Food Diary will also tell you how many vitamins, minerals and omega 3 you got and a lot more as well, over 50 nutrients in total.

So if you’re one of those people who struggles to meet your health goals, my advice to you would be start a food diary. After all, if it’s the one thing that tips the balance towards your goal then it would be well worth it.

Making it a habit

As with all good intentions, as I said above, you start off well but then peter off, so how do you make it a habit? Well there’s been a lot of research into how to form habits and a good way to start is to have a cue or a reminder of when to do your new habit; keeping your food diary.

So maybe it would be once you’ve finished the washing up at night or when you turn your computer on in the morning, the choice is yours but do it after something that you do every day so you attach your new habit to your old one. And once you’ve done it reward yourself, this could be a simple I’m awesome or a YAY, whatever makes you feel good. It may sound silly but it works.

And when you start to see yourself reaching your goals well that’s the best reward you can get! 

Click to start your CheckYourFood Free for Life account and I wish you the best in your health adventure!

* Sources:
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Ric Pestano

Ric Pestano


What I love about CheckYourFood is how I'm still surprised by the nutritional content of the foods I eat. I love learning and CheckYourFood is an amazing journey of discovery through health and nutrition, and something I really love: FOOD.

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