Why use CheckYourFood.com?

What foods do I need to eat daily to meet the recommended levels of nutrients?

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Why use CheckYourFood.com?

We’re quite fanatical about CheckYourFood and because we can’t stop talking about it people are always asking why we started it and what it’s good for.

So we’ve put together this little blog in the form of a Q & A to answer your questions.

Why did you start CheckYourFood?

I've been fascinated by food since I heard the story of my dad being cured of whooping cough by chickens foot jelly.

Food can potentially transform your life for the better and I discovered that a proper understanding of food can make all the difference to your overall quality of life.

It was this that eventually led me to explore the science of nutrition. I discovered the science behind chickens foot jelly (see the info on essential amino acids) along with many other amazing things.

What I found fascinated me and helped me make major strides in improving my own overall energy levels and health.

With so much misinformation on the internet I began wondering whether there was a way to make the nutrient content of food and nutrition, accessible to everyone, in order to make taking a proactive approach to their health straightforward and achievable.

And so checkyourfood.com was born.

Put in a nutshell why should I use it? CheckYourFood and the car analogy

If you just put petrol in your car it will continue to run but eventually bits will start failing off, the mirrors may fall off the exhaust will go rusty, the headlights will blow, as you’re just feeding the engine. 

Your body is a bit like that, if you just feed it basic food, the nutrition will go to feeding the important organs to keep you alive but over the years other bits will start failing. You may start losing your eyesight or hearing,  your joints may become creaky or you may develop a chronic disease, so you need to make sure you’re eating the right foods to nourish your whole body in the long term and not just feed the engine.

We call it your health pension. Find out more about that here

What foods do I need to eat daily to meet the recommended levels of nutrients?

Recommended daily amounts (RDAs) for the vitamins and minerals you need to get from food, have been set by the National Academy of Sciences.

They are set at levels that don’t just avoid deficiency syndromes like scurvy but are enough to protect you against both infectious and chronic disease.

However you do need tools to help you find out which foods will deliver these RDAs and in what amounts using realistic portion sizes, see this blog on the great news about ordinary food.

Are superfoods really super?

Whilst hitting your RDAs can be done it helps to know which foods are more super than others as all natural food is super in one way or another see this blog on the real top 10 superfoods.

Why should I analyse my own recipes?

Analysing your own recipes means you can see how good they are and make alterations to them to increase their nutrient value. 

Here at CheckYourFood we love our traditional recipes and using the recipe analyser has made it possible to really understand where the goodness is coming from and what to avoid! 

So will keeping a food diary improve my diet?

Well, it won’t improve your diet by its self, but by checking your reports and knowing what nutrients you're lacking in, you can make changes to your diet to improve it. 

The food diary records your intake of over 50 nutrients on a daily basis.

I have been keeping a food diary for over a year now and hitting, plus going beyond my RDA’s and I am fitter, more alert and I shake off coughs, colds and other viruses in hours rather than days as my body has all the natural resources it needs to repair and defend itself.

Why can’t I just take supplements?

Natural food offers a synergy that synthetic vitamins simply cannot deliver as nutrients in food work together to give you a host of benefits that a pill can never give you. 

Check out this blog Should you take supplements? 

Can I trust you?

Checkyourfood combines the latest nutritional science from credible institutions such as the Linus Pauling Institute. 

Food composition data from the UK Institute of Food Research and the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). 

All nutrients are expressed as a percentage of your RDA, provided by National Academy of Sciences. 

It’s free to browse the science, recipes and ingredients. You can alter portion sizes and apply cooking methods to get the most accurate picture of the likely amounts of nutrients you will get from a cooked ingredient.

The site offers a full nutrient breakdown of over 1,700 ingredients and 600 meals.

Give it a go

To make it really easy to get started you can give it a go with our free trial and we wish you the amazing wealth that comes from being nutrient rich.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Director - Nutrient expert, researcher & data miner

I am responsible for the scientific research and data oversight at the CheckYourFood Group. A great journey of discovery for me as I uncover the myriad of goodness that natural food contains and facilitate others to promote health and wellbeing.

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