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Eating more fibre will help you lose weight and protect against disease

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Back in the 1980’s the high fibre diet was very popular. I think I even had a book about it, but with the latest fad diets around, low carb, keto, the 2- 5 diet etc, the high fibre diet was left on the shelf. Until now that is.

A new review published in the Lancet and commissioned by the World Health Organization, shows that eating more fibre will cut people’s chances of heart disease and early death. 

The researchers investigated 185 observational studies containing data that related to 135m person years, as well as 58 clinical trials involving 4,635 adults. For every 8g increase in dietary fibre eaten per day, total deaths and incidences of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer decreased by 5-27%. Protection against stroke and breast cancer also increased.

Among those who ate the most fibre, the analysis found a 15-30% reduction in deaths from all causes, as well as those related to the heart, compared with those eating the least fibre.

The review found that we should be eating at least 25g to 29g of fibre a day, with indications that over 30g is even better. Most people in the world manage less than 20g.

Minimally processed fibrous foods can also help people lose weight. “The randomised controlled trials involving an increase in the intake of whole grains showed reduction in body weight and cholesterol,” says the paper 

So, what is fibre?

Dietary fibre is a type of carbohydrate and is technically known as an 'intrinsic sugar'.

Dietary fibre consists of indigestible compounds that fall into 3 categories and they come from plants, animals and some seafood.

The three categories are sticky, soluble and those that ferment.

Where can you find it?

Wholemeal pasta

An ingredient that will benefit your liver, brain, immune system, digestion and bones with much more goodness than it's white counterpart

One portion will give you 10.53g of fibre which is 43% of your RDA (recommended daily amount)

A great soup ingredient that will provide support for your gut health and immune system

One portion will give you 10.2g of fibre which is 41% of your RDA

An alternative to wheat that will look after your heart and DNA

One portion will give you 12.1g of fibre which is 49% of your RDA

Baked beans

A firm favourite and a treat for your DNA, blood, muscles, bowels and immune system

One portion will give you 9.8g of fibre which is 40% of your RDA
Great for healthy bowels, protection against heart disease, strokes and arresting the development of diabetes

One portion, boiled and drained, will give you 8.964g of fibre which is 36% of your RDA

Rye flour

This flour is good for immune system, bone health and energy creation

One portion will give you 8.33g of fibre which is 34% of your RDA

Great for your gut health, heart and DNA creation and repair

One portion, boiled and drained, will give you 8.1g of fibre which is 33% of your RDA

These husks are high in soluble fibre and may help with digestion and gut health. Just mix a tablespoon into water or a smothie

One portion will give you 7.12g - which is 29% of your RDA

Also known as the jelly mushroom

One portion sautéed will give you 7.01g - which is 29% of your RDA

Check out the full nutrition here 

Wholemeal bread seeded

For your cells, immune system, bones, sinews and the detoxification of your brain and liver

2 slices will give you 7g of fibre which is 28% of your RDA

Wholemeal bread without seeds will give you a little less fibre - 6g - which is 24% of your RDA

Sweet potato

A great source of carotenes (which we convert to vitamin A), vitamin C, manganese, copper, thiamin and fibre

One portion roasted will give you 6.75g of fibre which is 27% of your RDA

Quorn vegan fillets

A vegan treat for with 88% mycoprotein for your bones, sinews, liver, brain and immune system

2 fillets will give you 5.88g of fibre which is 32% of your RDA

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