The health benefits of Dover sole

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Top 5 vitamins and minerals

  1. Selenium - 34.5µg - which is 63% of your RDA, regenerates the activity of vitamins C and E, produces several antioxidants (cleansers) and enhances our immune system
  2. Phosphorus 300mg - which is 43% of your RDA, is required by every cell in our bodies to work normally, is critical in creating our energy and maintaining the chemical balance of our bodies
  3. Niacin (B3) - 4.5mg - which is 30% of your RDA, keeps our cells talking to each other to keep us healthy, plays a vital role in our energy production and may play a significant role in the prevention of cancer
  4. Magnesium - 73.5mg - which is 21% of your RDA, turns fats and carbs into cellular energy, plays a role in the creation of antioxidants and is essential for the creation of DNA
  5. Choline - 97.5mg - which is 20% of your RDA, has been shown to help with muscle control, sleep, memory and stop liver damage from fats and cholesterol
RDA - Recommend daily allowance based on a 150g portion for an average adult

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