The health benefits of Plaice

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Plaice is a great substitute for the more expensive sole with a subtle flavour that can be grilled, baked, poached or fried.

Top 5 vitamins and minerals

  1. Biotin (B7)
    63.36µg - which is 159% of your RDA/RI
    Plays a key role in the metabolism of fats, proteins and sugars. Plays a role in the maintenance of normal, hair, skin mucous membranes and may also promote good psychological health.
  2. Selenium
    61.6µg - which is 88% of your RDA/RI
    Contributes to protecting your cells from damaging free radicals, supports your immune system and contributes to normal thyroid function
  3. Omega 3 EPA/DHA
    0.317g - which is 64% of your RDA/RI
    Omega 3 EPA/DHA contributes to the normal functioning of your heart and brain and normal blood pressure
  4. Vitamin B12
    2.431µg - which is 61% of your RDA/RI
    For the health of your blood cells, nervous system, DNA and brain and reduces tiredness and fatigue
  5. Thiamin (B1)
    0.653mg - which is 57% of your RDA/RI
    Contributes to your heart function, energy creation and the maintenance your mental and emotional state
RDA - Recommend daily allowance based on a 220g portion for an average adult poached

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