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Ellagic acid

Health benefits of Ellagic acid:
May block the growth of cancer cells and may break down the blood supply that cancer sets up for itself (pathological angiogenesis)

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What is Ellagic acid?

Ellagic acid is a phytochemical. These are the chemicals that plants use to defend themselves against disease. Research has shown that these same chemicals can prove equally beneficial to the human body.

Why does it matter to me?

Tests done in laboratories and in animal models have shown that ellagic acid:

  • May provide a novel and effective treatment for many types of cancer
  • Decreases the size of cancer tumours
  • Prevents damage to DNA
  • Demonstrates anti-angiogenic effects – that is it breaks down the blood supply to cancer1.

How much do I need?

In the Ted Talk by Dr William Ki called 'Can we eat to starve cancer' Dr Ki outlines the interaction between ellagic acid and the blood supply that cancer sets up for itself2.

Research is ongoing into how much dietary ellagic acid can be absorbed by us for the treatment of cancer and drug delivery systems are being worked on to improve absorption1.

The ellagic acid content of various fruit and nuts varies greatly depending on the source of the analysis, so we have used figures that display the ingredients that appear to have the highest ellagic acid content.
Review date: 1/12/2024
Next review date: 1/10/2025
Ellagic acid nutritional information

Top 6 ingredients for Ellagic acid taking into account portion size and cooking retention factors

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Walnuts nutritional information


169.4mg = No RDA/RI available
Strawberries nutritional information


46.25mg = No RDA/RI available
Chestnuts raw nutritional information

Chestnuts raw

41.72mg = No RDA/RI available
Chestnuts roasted nutritional information

Chestnuts roasted

41.5mg = No RDA/RI available
Blackberries nutritional information


17.2mg = No RDA/RI available
Raspberries nutritional information


11.55mg = No RDA/RI available