The Healthy Halloween Food - Yes it's Possible!

If you’re throwing a party chances are some spooky food will be involved.

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The best ever Halloween food

Wow, Halloween time is nearly here again and as most people will probably be having their parties this weekend here’s our pick of the best Halloween food.

And of course it needs a spooky twist so look no further.

When you think of the food on Halloween it usually conjures up lots of sweet and sugary treats, toffee apples, jelly sweets, cakes and biscuits but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

There are some great ideas out there that will deliver on the nutrition front and keep everyone happy. 

Here are our picks starting with apples with peanut butter and strawberries above.

Mummy Sausage Rolls – instead of hot dogs make some yummy, Egyptian mummy sausage rolls with some butchers pork sausages and ready rolled pastry. Check how good sausages are here.

Or how about eyeball pasta click to check out the video. Just add a little mozzarella and a slice of olive to spook up your meatballs. Get the meatball recipe.

See how they re made Spider deviled eggs; these look great and are made with one of the most nutritious ingredients around. Eggs!

ghosts, easy just add raisins, and oranges with a stick of celery what could be more simple.

Everyone loves pizza and believe it or not it’s great for you. Make little ghosts with your mozzarella and olive spiders or check out the pepperoni spiders with red pepper legs below.

We’ve got a fab pizza recipe here.

These are just a few ideas on how you can enjoy Halloween without filling up on the dreaded sugar. Use these as a starting point to kick start your imagination and create your own healthy Halloween party table!

Have a great party and let us know about any of your creative ideas in the comments below. We’d love to hear them. 

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